FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender copyIMG_4158 The new issue of Gilded Birds paper is out. It includes interviews with Miles Aldridge, Nico Muhly, Semir Zeki, Rebecca Louise Law, Brix Smith Start, Ross Andersen, Azzi Glasser and Tom Dixon – as well as features on new feminist magazine, Ladybeard, Tom Sach’s ceramics collective, Satan Ceramics, and Nico Muhly’s tips for how to listen to Contemporary music for the first time. There’s an Aries poster included, designed exclusively for us by Fergadelic. The cover design is by the fabulous Gary Card. You can also read his thoughts on life, art and the Lincoln Centre’s Elie Nadelman sculpture. The art direction is by Nathalie Fowler of Parapluie. Londoners can find the paper in shops and galleries all over London that include Present (Shoreditch), Material Books (Shoreditch), the ICA, the Photographer’s Gallery, Clare De Rouen Books, the London Review Bookshop, Donlon Books, Salako London, Darkroom. Or you can write to us here and we’ll send you a copy. With huge thanks to our sponsor SOME IDEAS.

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