Hiroshi Fujiwara's photograph of snow in Hakkoda
Hiroshi Fujiwara’s photograph of snow in Hakkoda

Hiroshi Fujiwara, ‘godfather of streetwear,’ on his photograph of a snowy scene in Hakkoda, Japan.

GB Where is this picture taken?

HF That is the place called Hakkoda (Aomori/Japan).

GB Who is in the picture?

HF I don’t remember who they are.. all my friends.

GB Did you take the picture?

HF Yes.

GB Tell me why you find this image beautiful?

HF This nature is just beautiful.

GB Why is the snow so beautiful? What made you choose this rather than a beach or a forest?

HF The beauty of snow is coldness and solitude.. I prefer that…

GB Is the beauty connected to your memories of a great holiday?

HF Not really, memory is something else I think.

GB Would this scene still be as beautiful if you didn’t snowboard – and the snow had no use to you?

HF Yes, I think so.

GB Is there an element of danger in the beauty?

HF Sometimes, beauty has a kind of danger I guess.

GB Do you think nature is more beautiful than man-made objects?

HF Not always… sometimes a man-made thing is so beautiful.

GB Can you give me an example of a beautiful man-made object?

HF An airport.

GB Is beauty important to you in your creative work – in music and fashion?

HF I am not sure… not only the beautiful. Just anything can be important.

GB Do ever talk about beauty with people you collaborate with?

HF Not really.

GB What else is important apart from beauty? Style? Strong design? Originality?

HF Beauty is a kind of bright side… but I like the dark side, too. The dark side can be much more stronger than beauty .

GB What makes something worthy of the word Beauty to you?

HF …I like a world… such a beautiful day…

GB What is the meaning of the word beauty to you?

HF A good word for conversations, to make people happy.


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